Costa Rican expats must renew visas every 90 days – many choose to relax at Palermo Hotel & Resort

Feb. 20, 2010 – Each day expats from Costa Rica are met at the border by Palermo Hotel & Resort. The hotel shuttle whisks visitors through customs and brings them to a luxury resort in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua for a 72 hour get-away. Expats must leave Costa Rica for 72 hours every 90 days and Palermo Hotel & Resort is replacing Granada as the destination of choice. Palermo Hotel & Resort is closer, service is more attentive and the oceanviews span 180 degrees from every villa.

The Palermo Hotel & Resort package prices includes:

* 3 nights in a fully-equipped, oceanview villa
* daily full breakfast, including juice and hot beverage, served poolside with ocean views
* free pickup and return to the Costa Rican border or Tica/Nica bus stop in Rivas
* free shuttle to hotel beach club on the sand in San Juan del Sur
* free shuttle to shopping and dining in San Juan del Sur

Per person package price for 72 hours, not including 15% IVA tax and not available holidays:

4 or 5 guests in 2 bedroom villa – US $119 per person
3 guests in 2 suite villa – US $149 per person
2 guests in 1 suite villa – US $209 per person
1 guest in 1 suite villa – US $399

San Juan del Sur’s most private luxury brand offers a choice of one suite villas, two suite villas and a truly upscale experience in the outstanding luxury villas nearest to the clubhouse. Palermo Hotel and Resort offers an unmatched San Juan del Sur experience; and has brought an innovative touch to Nicaraguan hospitality with the perfect combination of style and affordability mixed with dramatic architecture and global marketing.


Palermo Hotel and Resort recently reduced prices for a package aimed at Costa Rican Expats. The Costa Rica visa renewal package remains very popular with Costa Rican expats who need to leave Costa Rica to renew their visas every 90 days.