Villas de Palermo Hotel & Resort ranks in Top 10 Hotel Nights Sold in Nicaragua by Expedia, Inc

While the hotel was already sold-out for the holiday, Expedia, Inc., internet travel giant, congratulated Villas de Palermo Hotel and Resort this month in joining the Top 10 Nicaraguan hotels with highest number of nights sold during New Year’s week.

Our Expedia guests say,  “Beautiful Hotel, Big Villas, Peaceful”,  “Everything about this hotel was perfect for us…location, size, atmosphere, comfort, amenities, etc.”, “Beautiful pool, gorgeous views, good place to stay if you want to be away from the downtown area and get some peace and quiet. Spacious kitchen with most tools necessary to cook on a regular basis”.

Villas de Palermo Hotel and Resort invites yoga retreats, destination weddings and families on holiday to reserve two bedroom homes set in tropical gardens. The Expedia award is the latest in a long history of travel awards supported by count of reservations and guest reviews. Join our family of frequest guests and reserve your next vacation or purchase a home in our community starting under US$95,000.

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